Women in STEM Careers is a private non-profit organization that works to get schools and young women interested in and excited about the prospects of women working in the STEM fields. STEM careers are often misunderstood and we welcome and encourage young women to know all of their options as they enter the workforce. STEM careers can be very valuable to those women interested in these fields.

So what exactly are STEM careers?

STEM= Science, Technology, Engineering, Math.

While STEM stands for Science, Techonology, Engineering, and Math, there are several other industries that rely on the skills involved in STEM careers like in the global financial trading, where many of the top forex brokers are in constant need of experts. many young women often overlook these career options and think that they need to specifically work in Science or Math to be involved in STEM. This is not the case and we at Women in STEM Careers can work to show you all that is available in these careers!

So, why STEM?

STEM careers can really open several doors for young women and they can offer great opportunities for career growth, stability, and security. There is a huge variety of careers in these field currently available to young women who have STEM based skills. These skills are in very high demand which means that the young women who have these skills will have less difficulty finding reliable work that they enjoy doing. Lastly, many STEM based careers focus on major challenges facing society today. That means that the young women who enter these fields are likely to contribute to contribute to solving some of the biggest societal challenges of today.

There is a wide variety of careers available to those interested in STEM. Many young women do not know the breadth of skills needed for STEM careers and there are several unique employers looking to hire young women with STEM skills. many of these industries are exciting and constantly changing and can offer young women some really innovative career options. Some of these industries are listed below:

Health Sport and Fashion Finance, and binary options trading, see more here Entertainment Energy and Environment
Aerospace and Transport Agriculture and Food Construction Space Information Technology

So, what can we at Women in Stem Careers do for you?

We offer all of the following services:

Workshop series in school
Wide array of informational resources
Meetings with young women and their families to look at all of the options
Introductions with employers
Potential job placement at the completion of education

We take education very seriously here at Women in STEM Careers and we work to ensure that young women are able to capitalize on all of the options available to them as they choose their career path. We love showing young women what they can do with a little hard work and dedication! We can help you make the best decisions for yourself, your daughter, or any other brilliant young woman close to you! We have the resources to ensure that women are engaged in STEM careers and are on the cutting edge of new advancements in these exciting and innovative industries!